My Dad

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad lately; who am I kidding, I think about him a lot all the time. I know many people say this, but it is true about my dad… I had the best dad in the world. He was always there for us, even when we didn’t deserve it. He made time for us, even when he was busting his behind to get through law school. Looking back on my life, I have many more good memories of him than I do bad. I know we were disciplined by him, but it was always done with love and honestly, I don’t really remember many of those. He never forgot our birthday or forgot his and my mom’s anniversary. He seemed to always have some stupid joke for whatever the occasion. He and my mom made sure that even if money was tight, we never knew about it. There were so many times that he could talk me off the ledge…maybe that’s what made him a good lawyer. And when I chose to go to OSU, he, as an avid OU fan, never tried to talk me out of it. In fact, at the bedlam game my freshman year, (you know, the infamous 15-15 tie), he wore his OU sweatshirt with his OSU dad t-shirt underneath and his OSU dad hat on his head. He wore it proudly.
 When I was in high school, at the height of my NKOTB obsession, he drove 7 of us girls the 2.5 hours from Chickasha to Tulsa on a weeknight to see them in concert. Of course, he didn’t come into the concert; he and mom hung out elsewhere. I know deep down, he loved every minute of our singing and giggling to and from the show.
 As much as he and my mom made sure we had experiences like the concert and vacations, the most important thing that he left behind was a Godly legacy for his family. We may not have gone regularly to church until I was in junior high, but he still believed and showed us in different ways. Every Christmas Eve, he read the Christmas story from the book of Luke in the Bible. He couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, but when it was time to sing in church or at Emmaus, he sang loudly and proudly, especially when we would sing “He Lives”.
 He lived his life for God and showed us and those around him how to do it. I remember hearing one conversation he was having with on the phone one night. The person had asked him something along the lines of “what if you’re wrong?” His response is one that has stuck with me, “what if I’m right? I’d rather live a Godly life and find out when I die that I was wrong, then live an unGodly life and find out I was wrong.” I love that response. I’d rather believe and find out I’m wrong than to face the consequences if I am wrong.
 One of dad’s favorite praise and worship songs was “We Will Dance”, so we chose to sing that song at his funeral. One of the lines of the chorus is “we will dance on the streets that are golden…”. Well, dad, you are dancing on those golden streets and thanks to the example you set for me and the lessons you taught me, I will be joining you someday.
 I love him and miss him every day. But I know in my heart that I will see him again!
 “The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.”
 ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬



I'm a mom of one, a wife, and most importantly, a child of God. I am an accountant by trade and random blogger by night. I blog about whatever is keeping me up at night hence the name "Random Ramblings...".

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